Workshops for youth and adults. Our classes focus on street drumming but incorporate singing, movement, cultural context, self-reflection, and composition. Workshops create access to free and culturally relevant music education, and create intentional spaces for gender liberation and justice. Facilitators are practicing artists and cultural workers rooted in Oakland. Workshops will take place at schools & community site.
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Tyke Tunes for Tiny Folks who like to move
A music and movement sharing, play, and education for children 0-7 years old with their adults. Music songs, dance, and stories will be from various cultures and in diverse languages relevant to the families participating. Some class series focus on preselected cultures. Learn More

Kid Drumming for 6yrs & Up
For young people who want to take over the streets, build community, dig deep into rhythm and drum technique, sing, move, and get LOUD! Participants have the chance to try out a variety of drums and percussion instruments - bass drums, snares, toms, hand drums, cowbells, shakers and guiros

Drum & Rhythm Workshops for Teens & Adults
Drawing from various street drum and song cultures in our community these workshops provide the opportunity for people to develop discipline, skill, and confidence in playing percussion instruments, singing together and having fun while doing it. Learn More

Performance Core of women, trans and gender non conforming folks create inspiring and interactive drumming performances for Bay Area cultural and community events. Performances allow participants to be creative, to tell their stories, and to connect to community.

Facilitation & Training Hire one or more of our facilitators to make your conference, retreat, event, street demonstration, or party extra special. We can facilitate music, song, dance and storytelling for your event attendees and create long lasting memories. From groups of 3 to hundreds. No event is too small or too big for us to work with.  Contact Us for details, rates and availability. Learn More

Musical Support at rallies and protests led by Bay Area communities and social justice organizations. We drum, march, and bring interactive drumming workshops to  picket lines and other spaces where people without access to traditional music education can use rhythm to make their voices heard. 

Community Events Free Community Events where people of all ages and backgrounds use music and movement to share their traditions and build community. These include family jams for young children and their adults; open spaces for women, trans, and gender non conforming people  of color, and “Drumluck” where participants share music and food from their cultures.