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Mo' Roots Fest 2023

Mo’ Roots Fest 2023     ‘Dynamic, Daring, Delightful Dandelion’ Celebrating the Life, Love, & Legacy of Monica Hastings-Smith June 10, 2023 1 - 6PM Liberation Park, Oakland, CA BoomShake Music, in partnership with the Black Cultural Zone, as part of Oakland Juneteenth Liberation Month invites you to a community arts & culture gathering sparked by the seeds, roots, and branches of artist, teacher, mother, and friend Monica Hastings-Smith aka Mo’ Clearly, who transitioned to the ancestor realm in June 2021. This year’s theme ‘Dynamic, Daring, Delightful Dandelion’ is inspired by ‘The Dandelion Song’, which was co-created by Mo’ and her 4/5 year-old forest school music students in 2018. The song celebrates the beauty, richness, and resilience of the Dandelion. Although many in society view them as weeds to kill and get rid of, Dandelions have many medicinal and healing benefits and are experts of survival.