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Ven conmigo, Come with me- Spring 2018

NO BAN. NO REDADAS. NO MURO | #MAYDAY2018 NO BAN. NO RAIDS. NO WALL #MAYDAY2018 Dear Friends, Join BoomShake and other Bay Area groups in OAKLAND and CONCORD to "celebrate the struggles, honoring the sacrifices, and celebrating the triumphs of working people around the world". This SUNDAY April 22, at 2pm join us for drum & song, and also, check out our May Day activities & event schedule below. But first, sing with us: (to the tune of 'despacito) Ven conmigo, Quiero derrumbar imperios rapidito Celebremos todos cuando hayan caido Y darle a la lucha con el tamborito   [Come with me friend, // I want to bring down empires rapidly // Let'