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DRUMRAISER!!! Party May 28th, 7-9 pm @ Solespace

 -Please help us replace our stolen drums, so we can keep rockin' the affordable, multicultural rhythm workshops for our community! We have spent the past year building Boom Shake Music – “Music for us, by us!” slowly but steadily. We run affordable, sliding-scale music programs for our community – a drum performance workshop for women and trans folk, a bilingual rhythm class for elementary schoolers in Fruitvale, and multilingual music and movement classes for young children and their families. We draw on the knowledge and family traditions of participants to make music for creative expression, cultural survival and social justice! (The drums are also used for the Brass Liberation Orchestra, providing musical support for the revolution since 2002!). But just as we were getting going, Sarah's car got stolen – with almost all our drums, percussion instruments, sticks, straps, etc. inside.  Much of it was originally donated, but the cost of replacing it all quickly will be a