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Summer 2021 Outdoor Community Cajón for Womxn/Trans/GNC Folks!

Join the BoomShake community for some rhythm, song, healing, and community-building in the sun this summer. Pedro Rosales will facilitate weekly workshops drawing on Afro-Peruvian traditions, including cajon technique and vocals. REGISTER HERE! Holding values of social justice and creative expression, this class is open to all levels of player from never-drummed to proficient drummer. We aim to create a welcoming space where Black, Indigenous and People of Color Womxn, trans and gender non-conforming people can be loud, active, and inspiring participants of culture while building friendships and support systems for the movement. This is a community class that's open to families with youth age 6+ and adults. All youth need to have an adult stay with them the whole time - no dropoffs. Bring your own cajon, congas, maracas, or cowbell, or use our instruments. Also bring your own hearing protection - we get loud! Saturdays, 6/5/21-8/7/21, 2:00 - 3:30 PM Open to adults and children 6+