Montera Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month Playlist

Sharing this beautiful playlist shared by our friend and community Member Holly who is a middle school music teacher which is a compilation by the teachers and staff of Montera Middle School. We celebrate the many and varied musical contributions of Latinx/Hispanic people throughout the world.
From Holly: "I have spent this week contemplating what place healers and teachers have in the times we live in. Sometimes I feel numb and useless. Music, dance, and the arts have always had an important place in the struggle but at times it feels insufficient. Since Sunday I have met with Black music therapists, women committed to revolutionizing the field of music education, Black flute players who don't want being the first or last in an organization to be their legacy, laughed with my son, and had many smiles and trials with my students. Art is what sustains us in our journey and can help us see the beauty in ourselves and others. I'm tired but full of hope. My coworker…

Drumming for Black Lives

We know that Black Lives Matter -- that Black lives are necessary, beautiful, vital, worthy. That Back joy and hope and youth and art matter. Right now there are a LOT of actions in Oakland, so we're activating to do what we do best -- get out there and drum in the streets!

We’ve put together an easy form (it only takes 2 minutes to fill out!) for community members and organizations to REQUEST A CREW of BoomShake community members at your street action.  We can:  play a set or support chanting with rhythm during your rally or car caravan drum and chant during your march. Our first priority is to support Black led actions. We're here to DEFUND the police, to fight for Black Trans + Gender Non Conforming folks' lives, to demand reparations and economic justice, and so much more.

We'll see you out there. 


Summer 2020! No justice, no peace! See you in class, on Zoom, or in the streets!

Dear Community,
Right now there are a LOT of actions in Oakland, so we're activating to do what we do best -- get out there and drum in the streets-- some of those will be highlighted on BoomShake's Facebook and Instagram pages.

We also need to make the space and time to keep practicing our culture, to heal ourselves from this work so we can create healing for others. So.....
Wednesday, June 17 - Aunty Monica will start a new session of Tyke Tunes, to create joy and healing for our young ones
Monday, June 29 - We're also restarting Adult Community classes (in person, with masks, outside, physically distant) and we'll be focusing on developing a strong repertoire for drumming in the streets at protests.

More details on classes below.

We know that Black Lives Matter -- that Black lives are necessary, beautiful, vital, worthy. That Back joy and hope and youth and art matter. We'll see you out there.
{Drum Workshop for Womxn/Trans/GNC Folks}
Mondays, June 29 - August…

Feature in Art for Ourselves + Immigrant Day of Action

BOOMSHAKE FEATURED IN ART FOR OURSELVES MAGAZINE Check out this interview and feature of Teacher Aunty Monica, our fearless leader, by Art for Ourselves... talking about her work with BoomShake

Boomshake is honored to activate cultural art work by way of an interactive online performance for #ImmigrantDay2020!

Shout out to the CIPC team @caimmigrant for all their work organizing and making this happen for a day of action in the state prioritizing Immigrant Rights.

You can still RSVP to attend via (link in bio)

Tues, Feb 25, 6 pm: Let the Good Times Roll


Drumluck: A Community Gathering Celebrating our Cultural Heritage

Sunday, March 22, 2019
11 AM – 1:30 PM
Humanist Hall
390 27th St, Oakland

Join BoomShake for a free intergenerational celebration of music, games & food from our community. Hosted and facilitated by participants from various BoomShake program classes, family, friends and community will sing, chant, move, drum, and eat together guided by stories of our dreams, ancestral traditions, and childhood memories.
Bring a dish to share that reflects or reinterprets your ancestors' food, and bring instruments if you have them! Be ready to make rhythm and move in celebration.
BoomShake 2020 Theme This year we’ll follow the journey of our ancestral foods to the makings of our current food systems. We will stir, stew, and serve, through song, stories and ceremony, our discovery of food: as a pathway to tracing ancestral memory; food, as an ingredient for familial connections and cultural identity; food as a weapon of colonization, genocide, and racism; food, as a source of…

Wading through the grief, a new home, we will sow

Agua fresca quiero tomar, agua limpia para cocinarPara mi familia y mi comunidad, agua es vida y libertad
2019 Year in Review Dear Friends,  As we wrap up and reflect on 2019, we wanted to take time to thank you. 2019 has been quite a year. Our communities continue to face state violence, deportations, race, gender and sexuality based violence and discrimination, housing insecurity, and environmental destruction, all while we hustle to take care of ourselves, our families, and our communities. There were many days where we felt terror, fear, and despair, when we didn't know what to do, how to heal, how to make things better. And despite this, we kept going. Because YOU kept going, It's our friends, our supporters, our children, and our community heroes that push us to take our next step forward.  Speaker Pelosi, we are the youth! Green New Deal, we demand the truth! Week after week, we showed up at the Greenpeace Warehouse, at Manzanita SEED and Community Elementary Schools, at …