Ancestor Day/Drumluck 2022

Guided by our stories, ancestral traditions and childhood memories, we will sing, chant, move, drum, and eat together. As we enter ancestor season, we continue the work of digging into our rootedness, exploring our ancestral rituals around death, grieving, honoring and remembering. Join BoomShake on the evening of November 2nd (Día de los Muertxs / Day of the Dead) for our annual Drumluck, a free intergenerational gathering celebrating our cultural and ancestral traditions through music, games, and food (potluck style) from our community. Bring a nourishing dish to share that reflects or reinterprets your ancestors' food, and bring instruments if you have them! Be ready to make rhythm and move in celebration. Wed, Nov 2nd 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Oakland Location received upon RSVP (below) Teamwork makes the dream work! If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up here .

MO ROOTS FEST- June 18, 2022 | Liberation Park

VIEW PHOTOS FROM Mo' Roots Fest by Brooke Anderson   Celebrating the Life, Love, & Legacy of Monica Hastings-Smith We invite you to gather as an intergenerational community to honor and celebrate Monica Hastings-Smith, our mentor, auntie, and musical director, who transitioned to the ancestor realm in June 2021. OFFERINGS / TIMES PERFORMANCES: Afro Peruvian Coalition 3:00PM Gbedu Town Radio 3:30PM MJ's Brass Boppers 4:00PM BoomShake 5:00PM INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES + WORKSHOPS: Hella Healed 11:30AM-12:30PM — Kicking off a day of festivities, Hella Healed: Roots of Prosperity will focus on the root and foundation. From setting intentions and grounding energy, we will plant, nurture, and enjoy many seeds. We strongly encourage family attendance. We must heal and build together to get where we wish to go as a people. (This is a closed space for the Afrikan Black community.) Rosesharon Oates 11:00AM-6:00PM — Healing modalities Ietef "DJ Cavem" Vita 1:00PM-2:00PM

Where we go from here

  Beloved family, This has been a heartbreaking year for us at BoomShake and for so many in our community. We were devastated this June by the passing of Monica Hastings Smith—our mentor, auntie, musical director, and guiding light. And we know this loss comes in the wake of so many losses to our communities, from the interlocking impacts of racism, colonialism, pandemic, and climate injustice. In the wake of Monica’s passing, we weren’t sure how to go on as BoomShake, or even whether we should. We knew there was no replacement for the joy, wisdom, and creativity Monica brought to our workshops, performances, and street actions. We considered shutting our programs down. But as we gathered to celebrate and mourn Monica, we heard from so many of you—and felt for ourselves—the power of the space we have created together. We reflected on how essential drumming, song, and ritual are to our collective healing and liberation. We saw the need for a musical space where we can

Our Hearts are Broken

 Beloved family, friends and community: With heavy hearts, we share that our eternally courageous leader, musical maverick, and forever loved family member Monica Hastings-Smith, aka Moclearly, aka Teacher Aunty Monica has now become a divine ancestor. We are bereft of words to express the shock, pain, and deep sadness we feel. Our organization will be taking a break to mourn this time, and we will keep you updated with ways that will be be celebrating her life and honoring the huge legacy she left.

Summer 2021 Outdoor Community Cajón for Womxn/Trans/GNC Folks!

Join the BoomShake community for some rhythm, song, healing, and community-building in the sun this summer. Pedro Rosales will facilitate weekly workshops drawing on Afro-Peruvian traditions, including cajon technique and vocals. REGISTER HERE! Holding values of social justice and creative expression, this class is open to all levels of player from never-drummed to proficient drummer. We aim to create a welcoming space where Black, Indigenous and People of Color Womxn, trans and gender non-conforming people can be loud, active, and inspiring participants of culture while building friendships and support systems for the movement. This is a community class that's open to families with youth age 6+ and adults. All youth need to have an adult stay with them the whole time - no dropoffs. Bring your own cajon, congas, maracas, or cowbell, or use our instruments. Also bring your own hearing protection - we get loud! Saturdays, 6/5/21-8/7/21, 2:00 - 3:30 PM Open to adults and children 6+

Community Drumming for Us! Youth, Adult & Families

March 27 -May 15 2021 Join us for an All Ages-All Level Youth, Adult & Families Community Drumming series. We'll meet up outside and drum together, led by our amazing BoomShake cultural artists & facilitators. BLACK, INDIGENOUS, POC, QUEER & TRANS FOLKS TO THE FRONT Saturdays 2-3:30pm March 27 -May 15 2021 Location Shared upon Registration REGISTER MORE INFO It's been a loooooooong year, but there are some signs of hope on the horizon. Let's reconnect safely and start healing with our sacred music medicine! BoomShake cultural leaders Monica Hastings-Smith and Pedro Rosales will facilitate weekly community drumming, play/movement and song. Holding values of social justice, creative expression and skill-building, this workshop is open to all levels of player from never-drummed to proficient drummer. We aim to create a welcoming space where Womxn, trans and gender non-conforming people can be loud, active, and inspiring participants of culture while building fr

11/23-12/4: Online Intro to Afro-Peruvian Cajón for Womxn/Trans/GNC Folks with Pedro Rosales