Tyke Tunes is Back THIS SUMMER | Water is Rising | We are Circling

CRY. FLOW. RAIN | #AGUAPATHEPEOPLE WE ARE RISINGSummer time is around the corner, and as our BoomShake Instructors and Facilitators take a break from our School & Community Winter & Spring programs, we are also immersing ourselves in deep reflection.

How do we keep efforts for liberation of our communities flowing? How do we wade through the pains, beauty and complexity of our ancestral lands/heritage? How keep afloat amidst fights and efforts for justice on the lands we currently inhabit? How do we dive in and immerse ourselves in the beauty, joy and power of each other in these trying times?

Black Lives Matter. Water is life. United We Stand. Together We Rise.

Join us as we keep the music going for the movement, and prepare a deeeeep Fall Session using personal narratives, storytelling, music, theater-making, and performance to explore this powerful theme of 'WATER'!! Agua Pa’ the People!


"We Remember El Rio Le…

Drumluck: An Ancestral Gathering 2019

Sunday, March 17, 2019
11 AM – 1:30 PM
East Side Arts Alliance
2277 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94606

Existing is Resistance. Celebrating our Ancestry is taking Action.

Join BoomShake for a free intergenerational celebration of music, games & food from our community. As we do the hard work of defending our communities - from an international and local regime of violence and hate we also acknowledge music as a way to survive, heal, and celebrate. Hosted and facilitated by participants our various BoomShake's workshops and community classes, family, friends and community will sing, chant, move, drum, and eat together guided by stories of our dreams, ancestral traditions, and childhood memories.

Bring a dish to share that reflects or reinterprets your ancestors' food, and bring instruments if you have them! Be ready to make rhythm and move in celebration.


Winter Street Drum Performance for Womxn/Trans/GNC folks

Do you love drum lines, marching bands, or blocos? Are you excited about using art and creativity as a form of activism and community building? Join our 8-Week Winter session where we explore & share our ancestral rhythms and songs leading up to our Drumluck intergenerational community gathering. Learn new skills/rhythms, dig deep into your ancestral landscape, and share our collective experiences via drumming, play/movement and song.

Holding values of social justice, creative expression and skill-building, this workshop is open to all levels of player from never-drummed to proficient drummer. We aim to create a welcoming space for Womxn, trans and gender non-confirming people of color to be loud, active participants of culture and build community. We prioritize and center the participation of people of color in this class, especially Black and Brown people.

Winter 2019 is currently open to people of color [POC], spots for non-POC are currently full. Priority enrollment for Black…

Attendance info for this weekend's shows!

Hello all,  It's the official countdown to the premiere of The Marvelous Adventures of Cape and Fist Drumsical, Saturday Dec 8 & 9 at EastSide Cultural Center, Oakland!! We are so excited! To help optimize our community experience please keep in mind the following VERY IMPORTANT NOTES: EastSide Cultural Center is Wheelchair accessible Please help us make the space accessible to people with chemical sensitivities by refraining from wearing scented/fragrances products. We will have a fragrance free seating area (if you need this accommodation please let us know upon your arrival, or email for Seating will be to elders and people with Disabilities Please plan to lap children 3 and under Bring Hearing Protection for young children, we will have foam ear plugs at the door for older kids/adultsUnclaimed Reserved Tickets will be released 15 minutes after the event start timeText 415-320-6534 if you're Running Late and Need Tickets HeldLimited Wal…

Be A Superhero

In a time when art and music in Oakland are under siege with rising attacks against the freedom of people of color to gather and play music in public spaces, we are collectively taking a stand for opportunities to gather, share our culture and express ourselves creatively. But a visionary project like this can't come to life without the support of our community. So we are launching an online fundraising campaign via Flipcause to raise $3,500 so that BoomShake can put on THE BEST drumsical there ever was.
Support 'The Marvelous Adventures of Cape and Fist

Putting this production together involves months of work, love and resources. The free shows are actually the culmination of a semester of youth and adult classes, including: Abundant Beginnings Forest Freedom School, Manzanita SEED & Manzanita Community Elementary, Womxn’s/Trans/GNC Street Drumming, BoomShake’s Performance Core, community partnerships with UNITE HERE 2850 workers, and artistic collaborations.
The Process


The Marvelous Adventures of Cape and Fist: A Revolutionary Drumsical

Boomshake presents a new take on our annual production ... Comic Book Style!
In a world where evil forces conspire to displace us, erase us, deport us, and lock us up, it is the youngest ones who are about to become heroes. They’re digging deep to find their superpowers so they can save this city. They’re joining forces with Oakland activists and superheroes from out of this world. BOOM! POW! BOOMSHAKE BOOMSHAKE!

On December 8 & 9th 2018, you can combine forces with the children, workers, drummers and superheroes to superpower the movement and strike down the evil forces of gentrification, police & state violence and economic oppression.
Activist powers… ACTIVATE! Form of… a people’s movement! Shape of… an intergenerational drumsical!

When the Superheroes Free the Oakland Streets
Directed by youth artist Terri McFadden, 'The Marvelous Adventures of Cape and Fist’ will show that not all heroes wear capes and masks, it’s what inside us that makes us all the superheroes we a…

We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest