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Drumming at Manzanita Seed

We love our Manzanita SEED Elementary Kids. This was the second class of Fall and we're moving along. K-3rd graders, doing their thing. We learned Funk Ijexa from our teacher Mario Pam and are doing a variation of it with the kids. Yay!! Post by Boomshake Music . Check out more videos  

Tyke Tunes

Early Childhood Music and Movement for tiny humans Boom Shake; A multicultural music and movement art program for all ages. Building from cultures of participants involved, we use music, song, dance and story-telling as a way for people to share culture, build community, and lead well-rounded lives. We are committed to being affordable and accessible to communities of color and people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities. Tyke Tunes is music and movement sharing, play, and education classes for children 0-7 years old and their adult. Music songs, dance, and stories will be from various cultures and in diverse languages relevant to the families participating. Some class series will focus on specific cultures. Parents and Caregivers are the role-models and teachers for their Kids so the classes are set up with the expectation of high adult involvement. The Facilitator holds the space, and guides the activities and adults demonstrate what active participat

BoomShake Fall Sessions Begins October 6

We're saving you in a spot in our Fall Session. Let us know you're coming. Check out our fall schedule , join our mailing list, stay glued to our calendar. We have lots of fun things happening this season. Sign up now .