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Tyke Tunes is Back THIS SUMMER | Water is Rising | We are Circling

CRY. FLOW. RAIN | #AGUAPATHEPEOPLE WE ARE RISING Summer time is around the corner, and as our BoomShake Instructors and Facilitators take a break from our School & Community Winter & Spring programs, we are also immersing ourselves in deep reflection. How do we keep efforts for liberation of our communities flowing? How do we wade through the pains, beauty and complexity of our ancestral lands/heritage? How keep afloat amidst fights and efforts for justice on the lands we currently inhabit? How do we dive in and immerse ourselves in the beauty, joy and power of each other in these trying times? Black Lives Matter. Water is life. United We Stand. Together We Rise. Join us as we keep the music going for the movement, and prepare a deeeeep Fall Session using personal nar