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We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest

thepowerofourmagicthepowerofmagic WE DEMAND: JUSTICE  |  SAFETY  |  FREEDOM #thestreetsarefree Dear Friends, The streets are not free. This summer was marked by the killing of and attempted murder of young black sisters Nia and Letifah Wilson by a white supremacist, ICE raids, deportations and imprisonment of families and children seeking asylum at our southern border, and the continued policing of Black people and homeless people by BBQ Betties and Jogger Joes. We need all the medicine to stand up against these attacks on ourselves, our families, and our communities. Most importantly, we need to be with each other, to remember what keeps us strong, what keeps us hopeful. We need to sing to our children, to hold the rhythm for our neighbors. and to fight for each other. That's what we'll be doing this fall -  gathering with our people to remember and reimagine long forgotten song