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The holiday can bring lots of joy, neurosis, community and loneliness. BoomShake is ALL IN on the joy and community part, with a full commitment to being financially accessible. We're forging participation and collaborations with various groups who are also working in this realm. From our Youth-led workshops at the OPC Music Fest on December 5 to our upcoming Family Jam on November 15th. All of which we ARE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT!  Especially since they are either free, donation-based or low-cost/sliding scale! Holiday Season also brings gift buying, and you know what makes an awesome gift? BoomShake Drum Workshops Gift Certificates!! Send these to the out-of-town friend, the errant Godparents, the overbearing Grandparent, and the clueless cousin. Make 2016 a year of loud, community and movement. With prices at various levels, there's something for everyone