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Drumsical 2019: Agua Pa’ the People! | Dec 14 & 15 | EastSide Cultural Center

“What is Soft is Strong” ― Lao Tzu Agua Pa’ the People, A Drumsical by BoomShake Music The Children of Ohlidagu live in a wondrous place- they play in trees, swim with fish and eat fresh homegrown crops. When they learn that there is a dam being built in their village, they become awash with excitement. There will be running water, electricity, and jobs for the adults. But as time passes, mysterious things begin to happen: their sacred well becomes full of garbage, the fish are dying, and their family and friends are disappearing. In despair and frustration the children turn to their village elders Narmada, Tlatloc, Idemili, Moni mekhala, and Osun to help them wade through. But can they move fast enough to turn the tide? Saturday December 14, 5PM Sunday December 15, 2PM EastSide Cultural Center : 2277 International Blvd, Oakland Free ( Donations Accepted ) Accessibility info is below. Reserve your free tickets online Make a Donation to Support This Free Production An A