Drumsical 2019: Agua Pa’ the People! | Dec 14 & 15 | EastSide Cultural Center

“What is Soft is Strong” ― Lao Tzu
Agua Pa’ the People, A Drumsical by BoomShake Music

The Children of Ohlidagu live in a wondrous place- they play in trees, swim with fish and eat fresh homegrown crops. When they learn that there is a dam being built in their village, they become awash with excitement. There will be running water, electricity, and jobs for the adults. But as time passes, mysterious things begin to happen: their sacred well becomes full of garbage, the fish are dying, and their family and friends are disappearing. In despair and frustration the children turn to their village elders Narmada, Tlatloc, Idemili, Moni mekhala, and Osun to help them wade through. But can they move fast enough to turn the tide?

Saturday December 14, 5PM
Sunday December 15, 2PM
EastSide Cultural Center: 2277 International Blvd, Oakland
Free (Donations Accepted)
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An Alternative Holiday Show for All-Ages! Centering Culture & Social Justice
BoomShake's annual drumsical is an inter-generational musical-storytelling project that brings together community (adults and youth) participants with professional artists to create and perform a body of work that raises up our own stories and traditions. Inspired by and adapted from the book, The Streets Are Free, about a true story of children in a Venezuelan barrio who organize their community to create a safe place to play. This year’s storyline also draws heavily from the book ‘The No. 1 Car Spotter Fights the Factory’ by Atinuke. With the title 'Agua Pa’ The People', we are exploring water; focusing on water rituals and struggles as it relates to our participants’ heritage and memories.

‘Agua Pa’ the People’ is ushered in by Nkeiruka Oruche, in collaboration with Monica Hastings-Smith (Musical Direction), Niki Brown (Set & Lighting Design), Hector Lugo (Music Collaboration & Composition), Pedro Rosales (Peruvian Music), Rashida Knox (Song/Chorus), Terri McFaden (Music Composition), Sarah Norr (Youth Music), Learkana Chong (Script/Story), and participants from Manzanita SEED, Manzanita Community, Abundant Beginnings Forest Freedom Learning Community, BoomShake’s Adult Community, and BoomShake Core performing group and supported with funds from California Arts Council, the Zellerbach Family Foundation & the City of Oakland's Cultural Funding Program

*EastSide Cultural Center is Wheelchair accessible
*Please help us make the space accessible to people with chemical sensitivities by refraining from wearing scented/fragrances products. We will have a fragrance free seating area (if you need this accommodation please let us know upon your arrival, or email boomshakemusic@gmail.com)
*Priority for Seating will be to elders and people with Disabilities
*Please plan to lap children 3 and under
*Bring Hearing Protection for young children, and yourself. We will have some foam ear plugs at the door for older kids/adults
*Unclaimed Reserved Tickets will be released 15 minutes after the event start time
*Text ‪(510) 214-3809‬ if you're Running Late and Need Tickets Held
*Limited Walk-Up Tickets are first-come-first serve based on availability/cancellations

At | Mmiri | Tubig | Pani | Water | Aqua | Vand | Jawl 
 Our focus this season at BoomShake is WATER - its substance and spirit, how it sustains and inspires us, and community rituals, stories, and traditions on water. In Danza Azteca, there are several dances for water, including for Tlaloc, the masculine rain deity and Chalchiuhtlicue, the feminine deity of all the waters on earth who is called on for protection during childbirth and post birth. In Igboland, Idemili (Mami Water), a goddess of pregnant women, mothers and infants. Durga Puja is a commemoration of the Hindu goddess Durga, where on the last day we immerse the statues in water, signifying the triumph of good over evil.

How do we keep efforts for liberation of our communities flowing? How do we wade through the pains, beauty and complexity of our ancestral lands/heritage? How do we keep afloat amidst fights and efforts for justice on the lands we currently inhabit? How do we dive in and immerse ourselves in the beauty, joy and power of each other?

Remember! Rebel! Reclaim! Restore!
All year, our participants have been exploring these questions through research, shared songs, stories, rhythms, workshops and on the street drum actions guided by the theme of water. We have also had the privilege and opportunity to learn from renowned Bay Area artists and cultural bearers including Regina ‘Califa’ Calloway, Valerie Troutt, Hector Lugo, Rashida Knox, and Tossie Long.

Join us on the culminating phase of this journey!