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Be A Superhero

In a time when art and music in Oakland are under siege with rising attacks against the freedom of people of color to gather and play music in public spaces, we are collectively taking a stand for opportunities to gather, share our culture and express ourselves creatively. But a visionary project like this can't come to life without the support of our community. So we are launching an online fundraising campaign via Flipcause to raise $3,500 so that BoomShake can put on THE BEST drumsical there ever was. Support 'The Marvelous Adventures of Cape and Fist Putting this production together involves months of work, love and resources. The free shows are actually the culmination of a semester of youth and adult classes, including: Abundant Beginnings Forest Freedom School, Manzanita SEED & Manzanita Community Elementary, Womxn’s/Trans/GNC Street Drumming, BoomShake’s Performance Core, community partnerships with UNITE HERE 2850 workers, and artistic collaborations.

The Marvelous Adventures of Cape and Fist: A Revolutionary Drumsical

Boomshake presents a new take on our annual production ... Comic Book Style! In a world where evil forces conspire to displace us, erase us, deport us, and lock us up, it is the youngest ones who are about to become heroes. They’re digging deep to find their superpowers so they can save this city. They’re joining forces with Oakland activists and superheroes from out of this world. BOOM! POW! BOOMSHAKE BOOMSHAKE! On December 8 & 9th 2018, you can combine forces with the children, workers, drummers and superheroes to superpower the movement and strike down the evil forces of gentrification, police & state violence and economic oppression. Activist powers… ACTIVATE! Form of… a people’s movement! Shape of… an intergenerational drumsical! When the Superheroes Free the Oakland Streets Directed by youth artist Terri McFadden, 'The Marvelous Adventures of Cape and Fist’ will show that not all heroes wear capes and masks, it’s what inside us that makes us all the superher