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What's going on BoomShake?

Dear Community Member, As we gear up for the long fight ahead, as we try to build our calluses of love and justice, we want to share updates with you: photo by Sonjhai Meggette / Esoteric Images Seeking HOME! Please forgive our lack of communication about upcoming Women/Trans classes. As some of you know, we lost the space at Chapter 510 - and affordable places to host loud drum classes are not easy to come by in Oakland today. As an over-committed, two-person-run endeavor (and with the dismal state this world is currently in), it has been a challenge to work fast enough to find a home and get our spring programming up and running. We are working to build more sustainable organizational capacity so that this work can continue. We have a vision of finding a HOME. Not just a studio rental, but a permanent space that values and supports our work, and wants to form strong bonds with us: A space that is accessible to various communities and feels welcoming for fo