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POC Global Street Drum

Global Street Drum for *Women of Color NEW SESSION SCHEDULE | ENROLL We can provide limited scholarships for people who find it cost prohibitive. contact ABOUT: Basic select rhythm patterns of Brasilian Music traditions steeped in West African Cultural traditions popular and traditional. >>3-part Agogo [ Bell ] patterns of Yoruba influenced traditions  >>Introduce basic rhythmic patterns to facilitate learning experience of African Diaspora Drum combos – Samba Reggae, Drum line influences and Ijexa. >>Samba Reggae rhythm combos popularized by Afro Funk bass Drum beats >>Students will discover through cultural narratives an enriching learning experience that incites            passion for learning to Drum and play music--culminating into group ensemble experience. REGINA CALIFA, Creative Director – Nzo Califa Dance Works Miss Califa yields an impressive 25 year history of performance, choreography and production based in Africa