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Montera Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month Playlist

  Sharing this beautiful playlist shared by our friend and community Member Holly who is a middle school music teacher which is a compilation by the teachers and staff of Montera Middle School. We celebrate the many and varied musical contributions of Latinx/Hispanic people throughout the world. From Holly: "I have spent this week contemplating what place healers and teachers have in the times we live in. Sometimes I feel numb and useless. Music, dance, and the arts have always had an important place in the struggle but at times it feels insufficient. Since Sunday I have met with Black music therapists, women committed to revolutionizing the field of music education, Black flute players who don't want being the first or last in an organization to be their legacy, laughed with my son, and had many smiles and trials with my students. Art is what sustains us in our journey and can help us see the beauty in ourselves and others. I'm tired but full of hope. My cowo