Power the Movement

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Beloved family,
As our community takes to the streets to stop an unjust war, BoomShake is closing out another year of providing a heartbeat for our movements. 

In 2023, BoomShake:

  • Organized the second annual Mo’ Roots Festival, a cross-cultural arts festival celebrating the legacy of BoomShake musical director Monica Hastings Smith. 

  • Taught youth ages 4-14 to drum, chant, and speak up for their beliefs through school residencies and community workshops. (Then we brought them out on the streets to make noise for Youth Climate Strikes and the Oakland teachers’ strike!).

  • Performed and taught on the streets alongside communities in struggle, from Sonoma County indigenous farmworkers’ pickets to the San Francisco Trans March.

  • Brought rhythm and spirit to dozens of Bay Area actions against the bombing and occupation of Gaza in the past two months.

As we move forward into the new year, we are committed to carrying on our work and building Monica’s legacy. We will be in the streets, bringing joyful noise to our communities as they mobilize to fight oppression and dream a new world. We’ll offer more workshops to train women, trans and gender nonconforming people of color in street drumming and cultural work. We’ll build our own capacity, supporting new teaching artists and facilitators so we can offer more workshops and performances to youth, organizations, and movement spaces.

We invite you to walk this path with us—by joining us in the streets, and by
chipping in to sustain our work.

Our goal this holiday season is to sign up 30 new
monthly sustainers. You can contribute $5, $10, $20, or whatever is affordable for you each month. By signing up, you provide vital resources for our work—and help us prioritize the needs of our communities. (If you can’t be a sustainer right now, one-time donations are much appreciated as well!)

Sign up here—and we look forward to joining you for another year of rhythm, song, culture, struggle, and joy.