What does BoomShake mean to you?

Meet some of our participants!

"BoomShake has given me and my family such a sense of community over the last several years. From taking classes to taking to the streets, my child and I have been so utterly enriched by our experiences with BoomShake. The music we make is medicine for our community--both a cultural homecoming and the opportunity to reate something new, something vibrant, full of justice and love."

-Lauren Wheeler

"BoomShake is a collective heartbeat. When we drum together, we create energy, and that energy carries us through whatever comes our way. Cuz when you hear those drums coming down the street, there's no denying that magic! For me it's all about the power of tapping into ancestral tradition and mixing it wtih your own lil flavor. Gratitude!"
-Yesenia Veamatahau

"Street drumming is important to me and to kids because we can learn how to play music and protest against war, racism, and injustice. I feel proud and confident when I'm drumming and chanting with my friends and standing up for what I believe in."

-Samara, age 10