Summer 2021 Outdoor Community Cajón for Womxn/Trans/GNC Folks!

Join the BoomShake community for some rhythm, song, healing, and community-building in the sun this summer. Pedro Rosales will facilitate weekly workshops drawing on Afro-Peruvian traditions, including cajon technique and vocals.


Holding values of social justice and creative expression, this class is open to all levels of player from never-drummed to proficient drummer. We aim to create a welcoming space where Black, Indigenous and People of Color Womxn, trans and gender non-conforming people can be loud, active, and inspiring participants of culture while building friendships and support systems for the movement. This is a community class that's open to families with youth age 6+ and adults. All youth need to have an adult stay with them the whole time - no dropoffs.

Bring your own cajon, congas, maracas, or cowbell, or use our instruments.

Also bring your own hearing protection - we get loud!

Saturdays, 6/5/21-8/7/21, 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Open to adults and children 6+. Youth under 18 have to have an adult with them the entire time.

Address will be sent once you register - YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE, NO DROP INS

Sliding Scale: $0- $300*

Sliding Scale/Pay-What-You Can Options Available. To realize our efforts of providing free and accessible programs to folks that need it, please consider contributing at least the standard rate or higher or make a generous donation. Making a donation is an act of love, solidarity and commitment to justice.Donations will go to support our artists. Note: this is a longer 10-week session, so please consider making a slightly larger donation if you are able.

To ensure we are creating a welcoming and representative space to participants, Summer 2021 registration is open to people of color [POC] w/ priority space for Black/African and Indigenous folk.


  • We'll maintain COVID safety protocols appropriate to conditions in the community at the time of class.
  • Bring your own mask, hand sanitizer, and water
  • We'll be outside the entire time, so that means no bathroom access, although there are several public bathrooms a short walk away.

ACCESS NEEDS: Please send an email to or text us at (510) 214-3809‬ if you have access needs that aren't included below, so we can facilitate your participation in outdoor drumming

WHEELCHAIRS: The 3.4-mile trail around the lake is a combination of pavement and hard-packed dirt. It is mostly level but there are a few short sections where the grade is greater than 1:12 (measurement for an ADA compliant ramp) and some sections are bumpy.

SCENT FREE SPACE : We ask all participants not to wear any scented products on class days -- lotions, shampoos, essential oils, etc. This is a crucial accessibility issue, as scents make some of our folks sick/unable to be in the space. Natural scents like essential oils and incense can still have these effects. Here's a useful resource from East Bay Meditation Center on what products do and don't contain scents (it includes info around black/POC specific hair/body products):

If you have questions on this, we're happy to talk through things!