Drumluck: A Community Gathering Celebrating our Cultural Heritage

Sunday, March 22, 2019
11 AM – 1:30 PM
Humanist Hall
390 27th St, Oakland

Join BoomShake for a free intergenerational celebration of music, games & food from our community. Hosted and facilitated by participants from various BoomShake program classes, family, friends and community will sing, chant, move, drum, and eat together guided by stories of our dreams, ancestral traditions, and childhood memories.

Bring a dish to share that reflects or reinterprets your ancestors' food, and bring instruments if you have them! Be ready to make rhythm and move in celebration.

BoomShake 2020 Theme
This year we’ll follow the journey of our ancestral foods to the makings of our current food systems. We will stir, stew, and serve, through song, stories and ceremony, our discovery of food: as a pathway to tracing ancestral memory; food, as an ingredient for familial connections and cultural identity; food as a weapon of colonization, genocide, and racism; food, as a source of spiritual and physical wellbeing; and food, as a utensil for ritual, nourishment, creativity and medicine.

This is an event we look forward to, and that is well attended.

 PLEASE RSVP! so that we can get a closer count of attendees to anticipate.