THANK YOU!!- The Streets are Free

Community. Friends. Family,
For bringing your light, your love, your laughter and your labor and sharing it with us, we love you.
We encourage you to spread the story. Here's are a few way you can continue the love and the energy that was generated at the Streets are Free Drumsical

  1. Download a PDF of our interactive program with song lyrics, word search, coloring pages, reflections questions for discussion
  2. Support our fundraising efforts by making a donation
  3. Take a drum class with us
  4. Share your reflections with us by email or on FB
  5. Check out PHOTOS from the event 
  6. Support the original story by getting a copy of the book by Kurusa

immense gratitude to

Our Participants
The parents, kids, teachers, organizers and families that are dedicated to the work of keeping our community vibrant, full of art, culture and justice!

Our Volunteers
Marguerite Graham, Niki Brown, Gabrielle Hoffman-Ellis, Vita Zus Burwell, Catie Tombs,
Sophie Bassin, Kyla Danysh, Judith Sakhri and more

Our Community Partners/Program Sites
Lotus Bloom
Manzanita SEED Elementary
Malcolm X Elementary (Berkeley)
EastSide Arts Alliance
Rice & Beans Family Coop
Trybe Oakland
Our Family Coalition

Our Financial Supporters
Family, friends and community
East Bay Fund for Artists matching grant
Everyone who bought tickets and donated to our production campaign